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How to convert more trial users into paid users for your SaaS

How to Convert More SaaS Trial Users Into Paid Customers

Too many SaaS companies are trying to get people to sign up for a trial account right away…

But that’s a problem:

Most trial accounts are not made, on a marketing & sales standpoint, to convert trial users into paid customers.

There’s one trick in this video that I want to share with you that proposal software Bidsketch used to increase revenue by 30% almost overnight.

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Maybe you don't need digital marketing, get out of the building

You don’t need clever digital marketing, get out of the building

Originally published here on Medium

A few years ago, I started my first “real” tech startup.

It failed.

At the time, I thought I had a marketing problem. I was constantly thinking: if only I could find a clever strategy or get an expert digital marketer to make it work, I would finally make decent money… Of course, that was over 3 years ago and I now charge premium for my marketing services.

“Hey, I need a good growth hacker.”

“Hey, I need some clever digital marketing so we can get some leads.”

“Hey, I don’t have any money, but can you get us some signups? You know, just a thousand or something like that?”

Most digital marketers have probably heard these sentences more times than they can count on both hands…

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How Startups can Properly use Google Analytics

Startups, You’re Doing Google Analytics All Wrong

We’ve all done this: Launched a new website for our company, installed Google Analytics to track all sorts of data, and proceeded to occasionally keep an eye on our traffic and looking at the sources.

And that’s a problem. Most startup companies won’t use Google Analytics as a key tool to make business decisions, nor will they ever go deeper than looking at the basic reports. They will focus on the metrics that will make them feel good, such as the increase in visitors and pageviews. These are called vanity metrics, and they’re totally worthless at helping make decisions.

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Failure is only fatal when you quit

How The Greatest Barrier to Success Is the Fear of Failure

This article was initially published a year ago on the Launch36 blog. I stumbled on it today, and thought I should re-publish it here. Enjoy!

Launching a startup is irrational. If you’re a startup founder, you know that already. You never have enough time, you go through a roller coaster of emotions and you barely have any time for anything aside from your business. However; despite the chaos of entrepreneurship, I have chosen to embrace startup chaos and turn it into a career.

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