How to convert more trial users into paid users for your SaaS

How to Convert More SaaS Trial Users Into Paid Customers

Too many SaaS companies are trying to get people to sign up for a trial account right away…

But that’s a problem:

Most trial accounts are not made, on a marketing & sales standpoint, to convert trial users into paid customers.

There’s one trick in this video that I want to share with you that proposal software Bidsketch used to increase revenue by 30% almost overnight.

Watch the video blow to find out what it is:

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In the comments below, tell me what you’ve found to be the best strategy to convert trial users into paid customers. I read & respond to every comment 🙂

  • lydiasugarman

    I resisted implementing the tactic of calling new trial users within minutes of their sign-up…until I tried it. The people who’ve created trials love hearing from the CEO of the company. They’re immediately impressed with the demonstrated level of customer service and commitment. Yes, this is something that doesn’t scale but doing what doesn’t scale is what you do when getting your business off the ground.

    • Love this! Absolutely, doing things that don’t scale is often a great in the beginning. Delight those customers! Thanks for sharing Lydia.

  • with good content easily grab user attention and make trial users to sign up and convert them into customers…

  • Hi trial users generally have a inclination towards the product, that’s why they are using the product. So although minor but a timely deft effort is needed to ensure that the trial version user buys the paid version of the product.
    Thanks for writing this post.