How to hire a conversion rate optimization expert

How to Hire a Kickass Conversion Rate Optimization Expert

I was still in high school when I started getting headhunted by conversion optimization agencies, but as an entrepreneur first, starting my own company was much more attractive in my eyes.

That is why I created my own conversion optimization agency and am now helping million-dollar SaaS companies grow through my optimization process.

My company’s growing and the demand is constantly increasing, so recently I’ve been looking at adding other conversion experts to my team.

And that made me think… What are the top traits of a kickass conversion optimizer? What to look for?

If you’ve been looking for someone to help you increase your conversions, it might be something you’ve been wondering too…

Then you’re at the right place – in this video you’re going to discover the top 5 traits to look for when hiring a conversion expert.

(and make sure to stay until the end of the video for number 5… which in my opinion, is the most important)

1. Great optimizers focus on the process

They understand that conversion optimization is not about applying tactics and copying case studies, but that it’s a cycle similar to the lean startup process (Build, Measure, Learn).

For CRO, that would be Research, Prioritize, Test, Learn, Repeat. It’s definitely hard work, but if you’re serious about generating results and growing your business, there’s no shortcut to conversion optimization. The process must be followed.

2. They’re analytical and data-driven…

Great optimizers don’t just optimize conversion rates, they pay attention and focus on the other metrics that really matter to the business.

They don’t just launch tests one after another either… they start by doing deep, intensive research to find potential problems and leaks on the website, they do their homework.

After all, testing is only approximately 20% of the full optimization process.

3. They’re obsessed with details

Conversion optimization has endless amounts of little details throughout the process, and those matter.

Naming conversion of test variations, words being used in qualitative surveys & poll questions, being aware of the potential cognitive biases of your visitors… It’s all important!

You need to find an optimizer that gives you peace of mind knowing that everything has been tested, configured, and analyzed properly – leaving nothing behind.

After all, you wouldn’t want little things to fall through the cracks, and eventually accumulate, invalidate your tests, and hurt your business in the long term…

4. They only do conversion optimization

Most kickass optimizers only do conversion optimization, and I definitely recommend working with someone who does the same.

Full service marketing agencies, full stack marketers or “growth hackers”, can run A/B tests… but how can they be true experts at the optimization process when they also take care of social media marketing, email marketing, ppc, and so on?

Favor people who are specialists at one thing rather than average at many things.

5. A true optimizer will try to optimize everything in his/her life

People who are truly made for optimization have a permanent optimization mindset that follows them.

They are continuously trying to optimize their daily routines and processes.

For example, for as long as I can remember, every time I walk to a specific destination, such as when I’m getting my coffee and walking to my office in the morning, my mind tries to calculate the fastest route in real time. Is it better to wait at the crosswalk? To walk in diagonal? To keep walking and cross at the next street light? It might sound ridiculous… but hey, I love optimizing.


It’s now up to you to determine #6 – which additional trait do you believe is absolutely necessary for a conversion optimizer to have? Let me know in the comments below!

  • Omri Toppol

    I’m working with Raphael, he is absolutely awesome. super responsive, got the business essence in no time and we can see the results already!!

    • It’s a pleasure to work with you too Omri! Thanks for watching (and for being an awesome client!). Definitely excited by the results we’re starting to see. 🙂

  • Gina Downey

    Thanks for the useful info and I’m working my way through the guide. Well done. Do you think I can tweak this to fit for an actual product (apparel) and ecourses? How hard is it to find someone qualified but maybe just staring out and willing to work on a project as a case study? I’m pretty far along and we have a great social presence. Just trouble converting and funneling.

    • Thanks for watching Gina! I’m happy to hear you’ve found it helpful 🙂

      If you’re referring to the drip marketing guide, absolutely, you can definitely tweak it to fit apparel and e-courses companies; in fact, I’m pretty sure drip marketing’s heaviest use is in the online courses’ space.

      Check out the version of the guide that was posted here on the blog, I’ve included examples from both a clothing e-commerce store, and a few others with courses:

      As for finding someone qualified, I have to admit it’s not the easiest thing to do (at least, according to my standards), but I do have a few really good names I can share with you that can possibly help you out. If you want to email me at [email protected], I’d be happy to help!

      Thanks again for stopping-by!