Maybe you don't need digital marketing, get out of the building

You don’t need clever digital marketing, get out of the building

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A few years ago, I started my first “real” tech startup.

It failed.

At the time, I thought I had a marketing problem. I was constantly thinking: if only I could find a clever strategy or get an expert digital marketer to make it work, I would finally make decent money… Of course, that was over 3 years ago and I now charge premium for my marketing services.

“Hey, I need a good growth hacker.”

“Hey, I need some clever digital marketing so we can get some leads.”

“Hey, I don’t have any money, but can you get us some signups? You know, just a thousand or something like that?”

Most digital marketers have probably heard these sentences more times than they can count on both hands…

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Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

33+ Experts Reveal Their Favorite Conversion Optimization Tools

What tools should be part of your conversion optimization work?

After all, there are hundreds out there… and some will undoubtedly be more helpful than others.

To end the often recurring question we all love to ask: “What CRO tools should I use?”, I asked 33 of the best and most influential experts in digital marketing.

I wanted to clearly know what tools I’m not using that I should consider, and which ones are perceived as the most valuable by the community.

Find out what are the best tools to include in your next conversion optimization projects by reading below as over 33 of the best digital marketers reveal their favorite CRO tools.

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Why Website Redesigns Should be Avoided (And a Proven Process)

At a certain point, companies can feel stuck: traffic is increasing, but signups or sales are plateauing.

Does that sound familiar?

Probably. I mean… almost everyone is struggling to increase conversions.

But here’s the deal:

For many, the default solution after a while often ends up being a complete website overhaul.

Unfortunately, website redesigns are highly unlikely to solve the problem (and can be astonishingly expensive).

In this blog post, you’ll learn why a complete website redesign is one of the worst solutions to increase conversions, in addition to what experts say is the best solution.

Free Checklist: Download a free checklist that shows you exactly how to use the strategy from this post (step-by-step).

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Why use a landing page builder, and which one to use

Why Use a Landing Page Builder, Plus the Ones You Should Use

Updated August 5th 2016

“Never run an ad that doesn’t have its own landing page”

That’s one sentence I find myself say very often to founders and marketers who are trying to understand why the conversion rate and ROI of their PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns is low.

Usually, their next question is the following: Which tool should I use to build my landing page?!

That’s where my answer tends be a little longer… Many people don’t understand the difference between WIX, WordPress, Squarespace and real landing page platforms such as LeadPages, Unbounce, Instapage, and so on. So naturally, I feel it’s important to educate people on why they should use a dedicated landing page platform to build theirs, as well as which one to use according to their needs.

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Steps to take before A/B testing

Stop. Do This Before You A/B Test

Here’s one of the most common misconception of conversion rate optimization: A/B testing will solve all your problems. I’m sure you’ve either read or heard that before – often given as advice when someone complains their conversion rate is low: “Just try A/B testing the color of your buttons” or “I heard orange buttons convert better, test that!”

I mean, I’m sure you’ve either read or heard that before – often given as advice when someone complains their conversion rate is low: “Just try A/B testing the color of your buttons” or “I heard orange buttons convert better, test that!”

I see it every day, and it makes me cringe. So before doing any further testing, read this, it’s for your own good.

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The Master List of A/B Testing Best Practices

41 Detailed A/B Testing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Testing Skills

Including 41 detailed tips, advice from top conversion experts, plenty of case studies and a downloadable PDF. This article will skyrocket your A/B testing skills.

This is not a post about what you should test. This is about how to execute the perfect test.

A/B testing is the most widely used method for improving conversion rates. Tools like VWO, Adobe Test & Target, and Optimizely makes the practice easier than ever but is it really as simple as it looks?

Free PDF: Click Here to get access to a free downloadable PDF version of this list. Contains all 40+ techniques and resources found here.

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How Startups can Properly use Google Analytics

Startups, You’re Doing Google Analytics All Wrong

We’ve all done this: Launched a new website for our company, installed Google Analytics to track all sorts of data, and proceeded to occasionally keep an eye on our traffic and looking at the sources.

And that’s a problem. Most startup companies won’t use Google Analytics as a key tool to make business decisions, nor will they ever go deeper than looking at the basic reports. They will focus on the metrics that will make them feel good, such as the increase in visitors and pageviews. These are called vanity metrics, and they’re totally worthless at helping make decisions.

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Win More Ecommerce Sales

Checkout Champions: 10 Tips To Win More Ecommerce Sales

This post was originally published on the KissMetrics Marketing Blog back in 2012 when I was running my first tech startup. It gained massive attention and even to this day I keep hearing positive things about it. Today, years later, I decided to re-post it here as it’s one the most popular post I’ve ever written. Enjoy!

We often try to find new ways to increase the conversion rate of our product or landing pages; however, one thing that we might forget is the checkout process. Many think that once the visitor clicks “add to cart,” they will complete the checkout process.

In reality, the checkout process is as important as the landing page itself. If something goes wrong or if the customer finds the process too complicated, chances are he or she will leave. Continue Reading

Failure is only fatal when you quit

How The Greatest Barrier to Success Is the Fear of Failure

This article was initially published a year ago on the Launch36 blog. I stumbled on it today, and thought I should re-publish it here. Enjoy!

Launching a startup is irrational. If you’re a startup founder, you know that already. You never have enough time, you go through a roller coaster of emotions and you barely have any time for anything aside from your business. However; despite the chaos of entrepreneurship, I have chosen to embrace startup chaos and turn it into a career.

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Joining the cool kids: I’m blogging.

Before you start reading, I want to say I felt like an epic picture was needed for an epic start. No I’m not that serious all the time; in fact, I’m known to laugh uncontrollably in the worst moments ever.

Now the good stuff: Today, I’ve decided to put into action something I’ve been thinking about for over a year: Blogging.

I’ve blogged in the past for my companies, and although I’ve had the desire to share my own experiences, ideas, and thoughts for quite a while now, I never took the time to go forward with it.

The wait is over. Here’s how I’m going to do this:

  • I will try to blog twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. But honestly, my schedules are often unpredictable and change quickly so it might not always go that way.
  • In general I’ll talk about marketing, startups, bitcoin, conversion rate optimization, entrepreneurship & business, hacking education, and travel. I know it’s a broad range of topics; so don’t expect me to always write about the same topics.

It’s this simple. I hope you will follow along. (and check back Friday for a new post)

If you don’t want to miss out on anything, enter your email below to subscribe. I might send some cool surprise stuff to subscribers once in a while.

Notice: I am currently employed at Blockstream. My views on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated.


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